Enneagram coaching
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Learn how to let go of the parts of your personality that limit you and allow what’s best about you to show up. Get on the path to personal growth and transformation.
Individual Enneagram Coaching Session - Discover Your Type
One 60 minute coaching session to determine your personality type
  • If you’re new to the Enneagram or unsure of your personality type, begin with this Discover session! We'll start with a review of the Enneagram system and then debrief the results of an online Enneagram type assessment. I’ll ask some targeted questions that will help you make a clear decision about your type. All coaching sessions can be held either in person in our Franklin, TN office or online via Zoom.
Enneagram Coaching Package - Explore Your Type
Four 60 minute coaching sessions
  • We’ll deeply explore your Enneagram type and help you get clear on the core motivations that drive your life and how to strengthen your relationships -- with a significant other, friends, family members or work colleagues. Learn how to embrace your strengths and overcome self-defeating behaviors in order to have the future you desire.
Individual Coaching Session
60 minute coaching session
  • After the initial Enneagram four-session series, schedule these sessions for further coaching support in your relationships, career, or to achieve other personal and professional goals. Experience growth and positive change in the areas that matter the most to you! Schedule these one at a time as needed.

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